Cattz Intro!! >:D

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Cattz Intro!! >:D Empty Cattz Intro!! >:D

Post  ItzCatt on Mon Dec 07, 2009 10:28 pm

Catt - Cathrine
U.K. (soon to be US)
Determined and ambitious
17 years YOUNG
Played on many servers before
Likes this one best >.<
Enjoys music, food, shopping, dancing, and MS >:O
Also enjoys faces (ex. >:O ^_^ Very Happy T_T .-. O_o)
Will definitely continue playing this server after the week long shut down
Hopes to see many old faces and many more new ones
Is thinking about making a GM App even though shes had no prior Exp.
Wonders why she wrote/is writing her intro in third person O_o
Loves and misses John and Aaron <3
Has now ended her introduction of her self.
Bye bye :3 meow


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