Cutie's GM Application.

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Cutie's GM Application. Empty Cutie's GM Application.

Post  Cutie on Mon Dec 07, 2009 11:38 pm

Name: Jenny Gibbins
MapleStory IGN: Cutie
Gender: Female
Date Of Birth: May 4th 1992 :]
Location: Canada,Toronto.
How long have you been playing Maplestory?: I've Been playing MapleStory Since v50 Was out. I Loved MapleStory Until I got to A high level I got bored of trainning so I decided to quit GMS and Join PS's

Have you been GM on any other server before? Yes, I've been a GM for 3 servers, 1. FlyingPigsMS 2.PimpMS 3.NoobMS.

If you were a GM in this Server how would you contirbute?: I would help out New people that joins this server and make it fun for them, and if the whole server is bored I would host a Event, or somthing to keep the community growing fun.

What is your favorite Pokemon?: My Favourite Pokemon would have to be Charmander ( FIRE FTW )

I was Hoping to be a GM In this FUN server If you could make me a GM That would be great :] But if not I would still love this server as much as I love Being a GM :] - Thanks -
-Cutie<3- Very Happy


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Cutie's GM Application. Empty Re: Cutie's GM Application.

Post  alucard on Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:26 pm

meh rules read before post Very Happy i made this same mistake so im not trying to sound mean :DDDDD

Hello guys,to apply for GM you must do all of the following and have ALL the necessary accomplishments.
1.Have been playing Smack Down Ms for more than 10 days
2.Have been seen helping players multiple times
3.have more than 5 rebirths.
4.ISH MEE FRIEND!! ))))))))))))))


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