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Hello SmackDownMs :D Empty Hello SmackDownMs :D

Post  xXoxideXx on Mon Dec 07, 2009 8:44 pm

Hello Maplers
My name is James Eastwood and i am 15 years old, im from America Very Happy
i have played lots of servers and been a GM and lots of server, i am fully experienced with the game Very Happy i had a Private server called MetaMorphsMs, which i shut down previously im looking forward in meeting SmackDownMs's society Very Happy i am also looking forward in meeting the GMs and Players which i fully respect IT WOULD ALSO BE AWESOME IF I COULD HELP THE SERVER WITH THE CODING SINCE I HAVE PREVIOUS EXP. Very Happy if u need to contact me, please feel free to contact me at maple_legend@live.co.uk or contact me personally at shadow_preist@hotmail.com


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